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Ambulatory Surgery Centers Succeed by Continuously Engaging Patients

Posted by Debra Zalvan on Mar 10, 2021 4:58:14 PM
Debra Zalvan
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A powerful tool and essential addition to the patient-centered digital ecosystem of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) is a patient engagement platform.

Clients that have used the SmarteXp® platform to support outpatient joint replacement surgeries tell us that virtual patient engagement is an important factor in their success.  The platform and proven, evidence-based content ensures that patients remain engaged throughout their health journey, beyond the face-to-face interactions in pre- and post-op appointments.

“Digital patient engagement is one of the reasons why we’re having successful same-day procedure outcomes,” explains Melanie Iannace, Musculoskeletal Service Coordinator at AtlantiCare. “Not only are patients empowered to play a critical role in their own care, it’s also making us more efficient and reducing the cost of care. For example, when our patients get their pre-admission testing scheduled, they go to the doctor’s office and these doctors get question after question. A 15- to 20-minute visit turns into a 35- to 40-minute visit. With digital patient engagement, patients have their questions answered earlier in the process, so these visits are more efficient. What’s the value to your hospital, ASC or medical practice of reclaiming 20 minutes on 500 procedures a year? And that’s just one visit!”

More than Technology

UbiCare’s evidence-based, interactive content is as critical to the success of patient engagement as the technology for creating and delivering messages. The content is thoroughly researched and vetted. It is also regularly updated to ensure that patients receive the best care, and that healthcare providers collect relevant data and information on their patients’ health journeys. 

Proven Effective

Recent research has demonstrated the power of patient engagement to meet the clinical and financial goals of healthcare organizations performing joint replacement surgeries. For example, a study of the impact of UbiCare’s technology and content proved that delivering timely, proactive virtual connections peri-operatively engages patients in their care and impacts post-surgical outcomes. 

Key, statistically significant findings include: 

  • 13% of a day reduction in LOS for knee replacement patients 
  • 25% of a day reduction in LOS for hip replacement patients 
  • 50% reduction in emergency room visits by highly engaged hip replacement patients 

In addition, all cost metrics were positively impacted; 71% of all patients were highly engaged, and these results were unrelated to insurance type (i.e. public vs. private)

ROI Measured in Months, Not Years

When it comes to the bottom line, SmarteXp® supports your financial goals, increasing top-level revenue and bottom-line performance in many ways, including:

  • Acquiring new patients
  • Demonstrating to patients, payers and surgeons that your ASC is focused on the entire continuum of care, not just the procedure
  • Providing a better patient experience and boosting patient satisfaction scores
  • Decreasing cancellations and missed appointments
  • Proactively addressing common questions to make more efficient use of office visits
  • Optimizing health outcomes by educating and engaging patients as full partners in their care
  • Reduction in hospital readmissions and emergency room visits

The volume of provider-patient communication necessary for success is impossible to achieve without a digital strategy. In just one year, AtlantiCare exceeded 72,000 digital patient interactions with SmarteXp®! The volume and quality of UbiCare’s content, combined with the efficiency of the digital platform, can yelp your ASC to immediately target health literacy and patient activation to improve efficiency and health outcomes while controlling costs.

With the automated, easy-to-use SmarteXp®, your ROI will be measured in months, not years. And an investment in the SmarteXp® platform and UbiCare’s robust content costs less than you might think.

UbiCare’s SmarteXp® patient engagement platform, combined with our robust Total Joint Replacement content, supports an integrated patient engagement strategy for ASCs that perform hip and knee replacement surgeries. To fully understand the value that UbiCare and SmarteXp® can bring to your organization, schedule a demo. Simply submit the form below. We’ll schedule a short call to learn a little more about your organization and situation, and then customize the demo to make the best use of your valuable time.