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U.S. Healthcare Ranks Last Among High-Income Nations: An Rx for Immediate Improvement

Posted by Debra Zalvan on Sep 22, 2021 1:24:58 PM

Healthcare organizations can address 4 specific failures with affordable patient engagement technology

The Commonwealth Fund recently reported that healthcare in the U.S. ranks last among 11 high-income countries, based on five domains: access to care, care process, administrative efficiency, equity and health outcomes.

Among the many failures and challenges highlighted, four have great potential for improvement, using available, affordable technologies to educate and engage healthcare consumers to be full partners in their care.

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Topics: Improving Patient Outcomes, Patient Engagement, Healthcare Technology, Maternity Care, UbiCare

Leapfrog Report Identifies Patient Experience Challenges in Hospitals And Outpatient Facilities

Posted by Debra Zalvan on Jul 29, 2021 10:38:26 AM

Earlier this month, The Leapfrog Group published a report titled, What Patients Think About Their Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers: An Analysis of Patient Experience Surveys.

The report’s most striking highlights point to significant ongoing deficits in the patient experience, despite decades of focus by the healthcare industry.

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Topics: Patient Engagement, Patient Experience, patient satisfaction, UbiCare, HCAHPS

How Digital Healthcare Technology Improves Health Literacy and Outcomes Through Patient Engagement

Posted by Debra Zalvan on May 11, 2021 5:43:09 AM

In just 68 seconds, our new video demonstrates how digital healthcare technology improves health literacy and healthcare outcomes by guiding a patient's daily actions through text messaging, email and app.

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Topics: Patient Engagement, Patient Experience, Healthcare Technology, health literacy, ASC

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Succeed by Continuously Engaging Patients

Posted by Debra Zalvan on Mar 10, 2021 4:58:14 PM

A powerful tool and essential addition to the patient-centered digital ecosystem of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) is a patient engagement platform.

Clients that have used the SmarteXp® platform to support outpatient joint replacement surgeries tell us that virtual patient engagement is an important factor in their success.  The platform and proven, evidence-based content ensures that patients remain engaged throughout their health journey, beyond the face-to-face interactions in pre- and post-op appointments.

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