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Innovation Starts on the Inside

Posted by Eva Chiang on May 23, 2016 11:09:22 AM

How UbiCare Challenges Its Employees to Do Better for Our Company, Our Clients and the Community

There are many great benefits to working in a small, high-performing business. One is that each of us has the opportunity to have a big impact. 

UbiCare's annual "UbiInnovation Challenge" is an opportunity for employees to bring fresh ideas to the company. Open to all staff here, the competition invites employees to present their ideas for improving the company's products, processes, sales and marketing.

UbiCare's mission—"Making Us All Better"—is to improve the healthcare experience through targeted, educational health content and software technology that connects hospitals and their patients before, during and after a hospital stay or a significant health event. We work to improve our client hospitals’ staff experiences as much as we help patients take better care of themselves and have better outcomes.

It is the focus on our clients’ experiences that inspired me to suggest a UbiInnovation that would let prospective new healthcare providers connect with us more directly—to learn how we can improve staff and patient experiences at their hospitals, as well.

To respond to hospital executives and staff searching for patient engagement solutions in real-time online, I came up with the idea of implementing Live Chat on our website. I won UbiCare’s inaugural UbiInnovation Challenge—and received recognition from the entire company—for this idea and its subsequent development.

Live Chat improves communication between us, our prospects and even current clients, who have started using it as another way to reach us. Live Chat’s features also align with our transparent company culture. Externally, we aim to be transparent with hospitals, and this is just another tool that helps us to do this. Internally, we respect each other and communicate openly on all levels.

I’m excited to be the first winner of the UbiInnovation Challenge. It’s a great feeling to work at a company where you can take a new idea from start to finish and see the results!

Check out the Live Chat feature UbiCare’s website. Stop by for a virtual “hi” any Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I’ll be there!

Topics: Innovation, Healthcare Technology