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Re-thinking the Challenge of Maternal & Infant Mortality

Posted by Debra Zalvan on Nov 12, 2019 7:30:00 AM
Debra Zalvan
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Maternal and infant mortality rates in the U.S. are too high for a country that claims to have the best healthcare in the world. Recent data shows that even as the numbers slowly improve, the pace of improvement continues to lag behind that of comparable countries. And in at least 10 states, where this mortality is significantly higher than the national average, this is a crisis. Most troubling for all of us is that some of these deaths are preventable. Is your hospital or practice grappling with this issue? Are you frustrated with the results of your efforts to address the problem?

Your focus on safety and care saves lives and improves the quality of your patients’ lives. However, research shows that medical care accounts for only 10%–20% of health outcomes. Patients’ behaviors are responsible for 40%–50%. Yet, when patients return to their busy and distracted lives after an office visit or hospital stay, communication—where it exists at all—is rarely clear, relevant or effective in engaging patients in a way that influences behaviors and improves outcomes. For pregnant women or new moms and their babies, the consequences can be dire.

mimi-smallMaternal and Infant Mortality Initiative (MIMI)

That’s why we’re announcing our new Maternal and Infant Mortality Initiative, or MIMI. As experts in digital patient engagement with a unique position in the healthcare continuum, we’ve developed customizable content for MIMI that engages expectant or new moms in their daily lives and influences behaviors that will improve health outcomes. In collaboration with healthcare leaders, hospital partners and our own communications experts, we are leveraging the latest research and evidence-based knowledge in maternal health and infant care to create a digital, interactive MIMI Care Suite that relates to patients as people and provides guidance that’s easy to understand and integrate into their daily lives.

A Different Perspective

UbiCare is more than just an extension of the healthcare conversation. We’re a fundamentally different, necessary and vital component of the conversation—one that’s often missing. Other companies may have the means to broadcast messages, but that’s just a small part of the value we bring to the table. Our approach to digital patient engagement is different, and this has empowered us to re-think the challenge of maternal and infant mortality.

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