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U.S. Healthcare Ranks Last Among High-Income Nations: An Rx for Immediate Improvement

Leapfrog Report Identifies Patient Experience Challenges in Hospitals And Outpatient Facilities

How Digital Healthcare Technology Improves Health Literacy and Outcomes Through Patient Engagement

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Succeed by Continuously Engaging Patients

Virtual Patient Engagement: Critical for ASCs Competing for TJRs

New CMS Rules Represent Tremendous Opportunity for ASCs

Flu Shots Are a Top Healthcare Priority This Year

Digital Communication with Patients Improves Care Outcomes and Decreases Costs, particularly in COVID-19 fallout

How AtlantiCare Uses SmarteXp® to Educate & Engage Patients

How Digital Engagement Builds Connection, Trust & Reputation

Increasing Well-Child Visits & Reducing No-Shows With Digital Messaging

UbiCare Offers COVID-19 Resources to Assist in Crisis Response

Beyond HCAHPS: Understanding Patient Experience & Satisfaction

Targeting Health Literacy & Digital Patient Engagement to Improve Outcomes

Why MIMI Is a Game-Changer for Maternal & Infant Mortality

Re-thinking the Challenge of Maternal & Infant Mortality

Healthcare Internet Conference (#HCIC19) Presenters Discuss Patient Engagement: Improved Outcomes, Reduced Costs and Personal Connections

Choosing the Right Patient Engagement Platform

It's Impacting Your 5-star Rating — Are You Tracking This Metric?

Forget the CMS Star Ratings Debate & Focus on Quality Care

Bridging the Gap from Hospital to Home: Notes from the 2019 AHA Leadership Summit

Why the “Best Hospitals” Focus on Patient Experience

Hartford Hospital Boosts Satisfaction with Patient Education

Digital Patient Education [Infographic]

Use Data to Prove the Impact of Your Patient Engagement

Only 20% of hospitals meet 3 key maternity care standards. Do you?

Educate patients to reduce the cost of care

Millennials are reshaping healthcare [Infographic]

Providing support to new moms leads to better outcomes

A Case Study in Successful Patient Engagement Part Three: Make Patient Engagement Happen for Your Hospital

A Case Study in Successful Patient Engagement Part Two: The Role of the Care Team

A Case Study in Successful Patient Engagement Part One: Make Digital Education the Standard of Care

How do you engage new millennial moms?

How Patient Engagement Lowers Costs for Hospitals

Top Hospitals Invest in Patient Engagement

Mobile apps in healthcare: The impact on patient engagement

What’s the key to cutting healthcare costs for hospitals, insurers, and patients?

Maintaining patient touchpoints over time can change lives

Costs for Planned Orthopedic Surgery Have Increased by 44% in 7 years

Digital connections deliver better healthcare to populations in need

Mobile technology is not a value-add to millennials—it’s a baseline expectation

New Study finds digital patient engagement delivers cost-savings in reduced LOS and identifying at-risk patients

Rural Health Day and the Need for More Care Options

Balancing Patient Safety and Satisfaction When Lowering C-Section Rates

To Maximize Flu Vaccination Efforts, Reach Patients Where They Are

Hospitals Must Rethink How They Deliver Orthopedic Care to Meet New Joint Replacement Requirements

Engaging Moms to Improve the Patient Experience In-Hospital and Postpartum

How Do New Parents Get Reliable Information?

Using Direct Patient Activation to Motivate Patients

How the “Best Hospitals” Engage Patients

How Empowering Orthopedic Patients Cut Cancellations By 54%: A Case Study

Whether Mandatory or Voluntary, Bundled Payments Depend on Patient Activation

The Relationship Between Patient Engagement and Patient Activation

How to Increase Patient Activation—4 Areas That Matter

The Emerging Role of Digital Health Tools in Postpartum Care

To Meet Strategic Hospital Goals, Implement Technology That Addresses Care and Cost

Maintain a HIPAA-Compliant Digital Strategy for Patient Communication

Remembering the Nation’s Pediatrician

Driving Patient Loyalty by Connecting Outside the Hospital Early On

Want Success with Total Joint Replacement Outpatients? Teach Them Well!

CMS Changes Its Star Ratings, But Patients Remain Key to Hospital Success

CMS’s Nod to Outpatient TKAs Gives Hospitals a Big Leg Up

Building a Better Patient Education Strategy

5 Reasons to Rethink Building Your Own Patient Engagement Solution

What Benefits Do Patient Portals Offer Hospitals and Health Systems? [Infographic]

Pregnancy & Early Childhood Content Gets an Oral Health Reboot

Healthcare Technology Is Closing the Gap in Breastfeeding Support

Using Digital Health Technology to Improve Health Literacy

3 Ways to Improve Care Coordination Through Digitization

How Does Healthcare Engage Patients Amid So Many Distractions?

Tap Into Human Nature to Engage Patients

Surprising Statistics on Text Messaging and What They Mean for Healthcare

5 Ways to Be More Baby-Friendly (Without Becoming a ‘Baby-Friendly Hospital’)

How We Innovated Breastfeeding Compliance and Increased Staff Satisfaction

Using Population Health for Personal Connections with Patients  [Infographic]

Engaging the Modern Patient [Infographic]

Email and Text Are Best for Engaging Patients in Their Care

How Can Hospitals Use Texting to Improve Patient Care?

5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Interactions With Patients

Too Many C-Sections?

3 Tips for Running an Innovative Healthcare Company

Where do hospitals rate on going digital?

Tracking Patients’ Health-Related Concerns Is Key to Patient Engagement

When Is the Best Time to Activate Patients?

How Social Media Content Attracts New Patients to Your Hospital

Why Hospitals Need to Engage Patients on Social Media

Boost Patient Satisfaction, Avoid Penalties—and Win with CJR

Does Your Technology Improve Patient Care & Outcomes?


Keep Readmissions Down and Patient Satisfaction Up

Innovation Starts on the Inside

Automatic Patient Communication Means a Better Standard of Care

5 Ways Our Culture Helps Us Change the World

UbiCare and the Startup Institute Focus on Innovation in CJR Patient Education

Digital Patient-Provider Connections are Critical to Value-Based Care

API vs. Portal in Meaningful Use 3

What Is MACRA and How Does It Relate to Meaningful Use?

Are Patient Portals Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

Patient Portal 2.0: How HealthEast Gets Meaningful Engagement From a Patient Portal

3 Takeaways for Hospital Executives from the Botched GOP Debate Entrance

4 Steps to Improving Patient Experience—One Hospital's Story

Setting Patient Expectations Is Key to Post-Acute Care success

CMS’s Bundled Payment Plan for Joint Replacement Is Here to Stay

Hospitals benefit from setting patient expectations early

3 Reasons Providers Need to Manage the Entire Episode of Care

7 Easy Ways to Help Doctors Connect With Patients

Keeping Patients More Informed About Their Care

What Does Patient Engagement Really Mean?

Want to Improve Health Outcomes? Start by Building Patient Confidence

Hospital Story: Taking Patient Education Online—It Just Makes Sense!

You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure

Immunization: It’s a Population Health Issue

Hospital Story: How We Educate Patients While Improving Hospital ROI and Staff Efficiency

Making Patient Education Systems a Snap … with APIs

How to Choose the Right Patient Education Systems

How to Become a Jedi by Engaging Patients in Their Care

5 Tips for Engaging Patients and Improving Patient Care

How Does an API Help My Hospital Prove Meaningful Use?

Keep Your Digital Communications Safe: Joint Commission Infographic